The Pharmacy First scheme which is part of the Post pandemic recovery of access programme launched on 31 January.

Although NHSE states it intends to launch a national publicity campaign in the middle of February the scheme has been well covered by Broadcast and print media and many patients will already be aware of it.

Practices have may have already received a listing of the pharmacies in Sefton which have signed up for the scheme and by doing so have committed to delivering the complete set of clinical pathways.  An overview of the scheme and a detailed specification of the pathways is attached.

Patients can walk in to participating pharmacies and request a consultation.

Practices can refer patients to a participating Pharmacy.  It is recommended that practices do this by using the CPCS referral button on their systems.

A formal referral from the practice in this way ensures that the Pharmacist is given the responsibility of dealing with the patient. It is not advisable just to have receptionists tell the patient to visit their pharmacy.