* Assuming the recommended DDRB uplift is applied to both Staffing Expenses and Contractor Pay elements of the contract. Existing contract uplifts for respective elements have been subtracted.

This info gram has been designed by the BMA to explain why GPs must proceed with taking action to save general practice. Take a close look: it shows how high the backdated uplift would need to be just to restore real-terms funding to 2028/19 levels.

The election timing is ideal.

The new Government will receive a recommendation from DDRB and will decide on a backdated uplift right in the middle of the ballot. S A new government on 5 July will change nothing.

When the next Government takes the reins on 5 July, it is very unlikely they will go significantly beyond the recommendations of DDRB.

For context, NHSE and DHSC have recommended 2%. But 10.7% is the uplift required to restore real-terms funding to 2018/19 levels.

What does that mean? It means the closures of GP surgeries will continue. Those that struggle on will find it even more difficult to offer enough appointments and manage their workload. This is a vicious spiral, and it’s why the GPC calls upon GPs to Take Action to Save General Practice – Protect their Practice, Protect their Patients.