The current GMS contract is almost 20 years old and the 201ti – 2024 amendment to its financial framework expires next April.

The GP contract is due for renegotiation, and this will take place in the context of a general election year which could see a change of Government. The possibility of a new Government opens greater opportunity for positive change. Doubtless the political parties, NHSE, and think tanks will be promoting their schemes and remedies for the ‘improvement’ of general practice. It is important that the GPC and its negotiators are strongly grounded on what GPs see as problems with the current contract and what they want in a new GP contract: the GP survey 2023 is aimed to gather their views and preferences.

The survey is open to all fully qualified GPs in England including Partners, Salaried GPs, Sessional GPs, GP Registrars at ST3 and above and all GPs working in roles for Trusts, ICB and other agencies. It’s open until 21 January and can be accessed here. or scan the bar code above.

In his December LMC Chairman’s bulletin (forthcoming), Dr David Smith will underscore the value of this survey and encourage your participation. Keep an eye out for this.