The NHSE has launched a consultation on the utility and effectiveness of incentive schemes in the various elements of GP practice funding: QoF and, latterly, the IIF are the prime elements of incentivised funding streams.

This is an important consultation, and its outcome will be formative in shaping developments in funding in the future. The consultation is open to all GPs and can be accessed here –

If you have the time do let the NHSE know your views- click the “how to respond’ in the notice.

An interesting study which identifies the negative impact of removing the QOF in Scotland in 2016 on the delivery of care is mentioned in the notice introducing the Consultation and is worth a look. –  see-

O’Donnell A ‘Impact of the introduction and withdrawal of financial incentives on the delivery of alcohol screening and brief advice in English primary health care: an interrupted time-series analysis.’ Addiction 2020: volume 115, pages 49 to 50.

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